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shaboda  /  2002 - 2013


Attention Local Musicians!

We are looking to play again, but we need to add to our numbers before that can happen. 

We are in need of a guitar player..  a musician that really has the goods to deliver, and add their talents to a high energy live band!

Are you that person?

Do you know someone who is?


email us



A message to all of our friends, family, and fans...

A lot can happen in a 10 year span.

  Trends come and go, people and things enter and leave one's life..

One Constant.. was all the support from YOU.

All of you made it worthwhile to keep pressing on, so that we could keep doing what we love to do. We have never forgotten that. We always tried to make everyone feel that they weren't just coming to see a band.. we wanted you to feel like you were a part of the show.... and we miss all of you.

 somehow.. someday.. we will be back.


                                               - Sonic Age




No shows are scheduled at this time.