Sonic Age fans are the best!  This is our tribute to you! 

March 2012

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August 2011

July 2011

Joe with Jim and Megan at Sportsterz!

June 2011

Heather with Shaboda @ Laddie's Sky Club :)

May 2011

April 2011

Mar 2011

Rock 104 in the house for our all original show at Double A's!

Thanx for the interview too :)

Feb 2011

Chuck and Joe with some of the crazy party people at Double A's :)

January 2011

Shaboda with Adrienne, Tim, and Trey the weekend after Treystock

December 2010

Kevin Downey Jr. and JoAnna Ross with Shaboda

November 2010

Amanda and Sam - Friends we made through Megadeth  :)

October 2010

September 2010

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March 2010

Kyle and Bryce take a pic with the band!  :)

Feb 2010

Kyle and Joyce ----- all the way from Erie :)

January 2010


The Screamer!  :) 

December 2009


November 2009


Rocktober 2009

Poison Ivy wins Sexiest Costume - and we couldn't agree more! :)

Sept 2009

Keith and Jerry

August 2009

Tom and Diane

July 2009

Sean of Broken! - Cool as hell!!  Check out Broken right here!


She's a "Wicked Woman with Wheels!"   :)

June 2009

Brian and Aimee - cool Sonic Age friends! :)

May  2009

Marti and Jerry

April 2009

Nic and Jackie

Clem and Bill

March 2009

Beth and Jen

Jenny and Chris

Feb 2009

Ed and Jodi - engaged on Stage at Leon's :)

January 2009

December 2008

November 2008


Rocktober 2008

Hey Lisa......... Nice Nails   :)

Sept 2008

Congrats Matt and Missy! 

Thanks for having Sonic Age be a part of your rockin' wedding! :)


Tina and Malissa showing Shaboda some love at McMenamy's!

August 2008

Kendra - Our roaming shirt salesgirl at Cusick Music Fest!  :)

July 2008

Betty from Peter B's!

June 2008

Kristin, Carrie, and Shannon - Always up for a party!   :)

May 2008


Beth made a surprise visit to a show....all the way from Pittsburgh!

April 2008

Maria from her performance in "Talking With..." where she played a woman who has tattoos all over her body.....

We were happy to supply her with as many as she needed.   Great performance too!

March 2008

Feb. 2008

January 2008

The 'Jump in the Lake Incident' - 2008

Sonic Age sponsored these 3 to jump in some freezing water!   :)

 Now THAT'S advertising!    :)

December 2007

Doug - also known as "Soapdish" by some of us   :)


"Chalkline" and Ed!

November 2007 (Peter B's)

Our new friends from Sarver!

Rocktober 2007 (Harry's)

Carrie and Patty!!


Miranda -  Sexy Rainbow Brite wins the prize!    :)

Sept. 2007

Mom and Pop West!

August 2007 (Jump in Jack's Chicken Shack)

Nycole - say cheeeeese :)

July 2007 (Leon's)

Amy and Jenn - "Sonic Age Sticker Sweethearts"!  


 Samantha and Kelly - Mom and Daughter Gone Wild!   


July 2007 (Harry's)

Thanks for the awesome sketch Lou!

June 2007

Darla - We had a great time at your party!  All the best of luck to ya' in college!

May 2007

The G-Man from On3 sportin' his copy of  "Monster Inside"!

April 2007

Our Terrriifffiicc 'Server' Kaitlyn after our acoustic gig.

You are too much rock for one hand!


April 2007 (Grist Mill)

RuthAnn, Roni, Denise, and Heather - The Put-in-Bay crew!

March 2007 (Drunken Jacks')

Rich and Robyn - a.k.a Evil Knievel's table   :)


Rick - um, are ya' givin' that cake some lovin'!?


Ken from TMO - cuttin' a rug with his unique moves!

Feb. 2007 (IceHouse)



Feb. 2007 (Papa Louie's)

Jenny - It was great to see ya!   Nice Hat! :) hehehe...


Aleta - She drove a long way to see us!     :)

Jan. 2007 (O'Donold's)

Amy, Jamie, and Stephine - Partyin' @ OD's!


January 2007 (DrawBar)

Corporal Dan - We Salute You, friend!


 Lori and Trish - Girls Gone Wild!

December 2006 (Leon's)

Jim &  Donna  - Party Animals!

November 2006 (Leon's)

Dan, Brenda and Kelly (repeat visitors to the Fan Club page!) -  awesome!


Stacy, Tina, and George - Bringin' the party factor to Leon's!


Karen and Penny - two loyal Sonic Age Club Tour attendees!  :)


November 2006 (Grist Mill)

Mandy - You're a sweetheart! Thanks for supporting Sonic Age!

October 2006 (Harry's)

Dave and Heather  - Do I make you horny!?  Yeeahh baaabby!


Shawn and Amanda - Thanks for the support!

September 2006 (Meek's)

Cyndi - It's always great to see ya!


Amanda and Paula  -  Part of the Sonic Age family.


Bob and Elaine - You are the coolest!

September 2006 (Harry's)

Larry and Dorothy

 Spending their Anniversary with us! (and sporting some Sonic Age Gear too!)

August 2006 (IceHouse)

ED! - Roadie From Hell! (note the vintage Psycho Cafe shirt)  As always, Thanks for all the help, dude!


Marc and Christy - Familiar faces from back in the day!  ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!


Jess and Amy - These two will make you spill your drink!  :)

July 2006 (Harry's)

Shannon, Elisa, and Kristin  -- What a Party!!! Wooooohooo!!!!


Nicole and Lee - It's great to have you hang all night with us! -- and plus, you guys know how to cut a rug!


Marc  A.K.A. Beaker  "The Band Spokesman" - Sonic Age helped him!  It can help you too!


Brenda and Kelly -  came all the way from 'across the border' (Ohio) to party with us in Sharpsville   :)


July 2006 (Leon's)

Frank and Renee (Steve's Dad and Mom) - Devoted followers from day one. [even in the Psycho Cafe days!]   

June 2006 (Party on the Plaza)

Sherry from Avalon Gardens [& friend] - Wow! what a party, huh!?!


June 2006 (Meek's)

Kris and Buddy.  You two are always there cheering us on and we thank you for it!

 May 2006 (Jacob's)

Tina, Beth (Birthday Girl), and Brian

Thanx for sharing your birthday with Sonic Age!  

APRIL 2006 (IceHouse)

Kim, Shannon, and Sherry ---ppparrttyyyy wwooohoooo!!! :)


Michelle and Rich - thanks for all of your help tonight!

March 2006 (Papa Louie's)

Tammie, Amanda, and Carie

February 2006 (Icehouse)

Tammy and Lynn

JANUARY 2006 (Icehouse)

Audra, Bonnie, and Jim

DECEMBER 2005 (Victory Lane)

Chris and Sharon

NOVEMBER 2005 (Papa Louie's)

 "Mad Dog Rob", Elly, and Jeff

ROCKTOBER 2005 (Leon's)

Jennifer and Holly

Thanks for diggin' us more than the Jukebox!   :)

SEPTEMBER 2005 (papa Louie's)

Melissa and Kathy

August 2005 (center stage)


JULY 2005 (LEON'S)

Corey and Carie.  

JUNE 2005 (LEON'S)

The 1st official members of the Fan of the Month Club!