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Had a great turnout for Cinco de Mayo at La Isla!    It was a show to remember!


Hey everyone... Treystock 2 was a great time!  Many thanks to everyone involved to make it a huge success!  Congratulations to Stone, who won the Treystock guitar giveaway this year!  He was at last year's event with his own little cardboard guitar, and this year his wish came true! Congrats buddy!

Also would like to say good luck to Joe "GG" Cusick... who has had to leave the band due to work schedules and relocating... we wish him the best of luck!  We had a geat time with ya' bro!

Please welcome our new guitar player Bill Yekel. His first full night was last night at Double A's and we had a blast. So come out to La Isla on May 5th and say hello!   :)




Thanx to everyone for a great year!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy 2012!

We'll see you in February at Double A's Lounge!


Our 6th Annual Halloween Bash was a huge success!


Our 2nd CD Full Speed Sideways is released!



Please welcome Joe Cusick to the Sonic Age family!

We have all known Joe for years and have played with

him at one time or another..  This year looks to be an

exciting one for the band... with a new line-up, and a new CD

to be finished soon.... get ready for us to blow the roof off the dump! :)


Had a great time last night at Double A's Lounge!  It was a special night of original music with Subsonic... and a live Remote with Rock 104!  We wanna thank them for the interview and the airtime! Look for more original shows coming soon!


Treystock - A great event for a great guy - thanks to everyone involved to make this night so special!



We had a blast at the White Trash Xmas show!

- JoAnna Ross -


Corey Baker - Rocco Vadalla


We'd like to offer a big thank you to all of our friends and family who supported us in the KISS contest this summer. All of your support has been overwhelming. We'll never forget it.

We didn't win, but we learned a lot. So many people were very supportive, and some..... showed their true colors in the heat of 'competition'. We are very proud of the fact that we went through this contest with no mudslinging toward any of the other bands.

Everyone deserves the right to create art or music or whatever it is they want to do, in the way that works for them and makes them happy. We are fortunate enough to play cover material AND original under the same moniker. Just because we choose to do both, doesn't make us any less viable in either configuration.

 For us, win or lose, this competition has always been a very positive experience. We finished in the top 5, and we consider that a big accomplishment!  It was a great feeling to just get that phone call from Guitar Center!

As for what's next: There is a LOT in store for Sonic Age.  Our 2nd CD is nearing completion, and we are super excited about it. The band has never felt tighter, and been more focused.....so it's all good folks!

 Love ya' all and we'll see ya' at the shows this fall....

 Joe, Steve, Mike, Chuck...... SONIC AGE


Please vote for Sonic Age to open for KISS!  CLICK HERE!

Spread the word and ROCK THE VOTE! 


It was a great time at McMenamy's last night!  Happy Birthday Amanda! :)  Pics are HERE.


Our song "Monster Inside" has been used for the season opener Yankee Lake Truck Night video!  Check it out here!   See ya' all @ McMenamy's!


We had a great time at Tommy Doggs..... pics are here!  Thanx to all that came out, and a special shout-out to guys from Bringing Benetar for hangin' with us..... Check them out.

In other news:  We only had 1 gig in April, but we were still busy.... we spent a lot of time in the studio working on the second CD.  It's really comin' along and we are hoping to finish recording in July!! 



Thanx to everyone that came to Harry's Saturday night to celebrate the band's anniversary! What a show!  Shaboda's butt is still sore from the BDay spanks! :>  Larry from 5 Deep and Ron from the Barflies/Subsonic did a song with us too.... good times!  *pix here*

For the rest of April we are going to concentrate on working on our 2nd CD.  We will be in the studio for the remainder of the month.... and then plan on finishing it off in July.  We also have some all original show dates in the works.  We will keep ya' posted!  That's it for now - See ya' May 1st at Tommy Doggs' in Niles!  



Another jammin' time at McMenamy's is in the books....and as always, thanks to all that came out!  We are gonna' be shifting gears for the next few weeks... we have 2 more visits to the studio in April and have been working hard on getting more material ready for those sessions. See ya' all April 10th at Harry's!



We had a blast at Tommy Doggs last night!  It was our first time there and we are definately looking forward to the next show there in May!  Next stop is McMenamy's on March 20th! Peace and Humptiness ya'all!  :)



Hey All!  What's Shakin'!?!?!  We are really excited to play a new place this coming weekend... It's a Pre St. Patty's Day Party at Tommy Dogg's in Niles on March 13th!  Wear your green and let's party it up!  :)



We played to a full house at the Moose in Greenville tonight!  We had a great time!  Thanx to those that stayed all night with us!   Next Stop is a new place for us and we wanna' see everyone there!  Tommy Doggs' on Rt 46 in Niles, OH on March 13th...... let's show 'em how we roll!!...... and oh ya ladies, wear a bra that you wouldn't mind hanging from the ceiling!   It's hard to explain... so come out and see what we are talkin' about...    :)


Had a blast at Harry's!  Special thanks to everyone for hangin'  with us, and headin' out in this lovely weather... and a big shout out to guys from Side Effects, Barflies, Edison's Medicine, and Capitol Court for comin' out to support us as well!!  You all rock!  Pics are here


 Hey all!   We are back at Harry's this Saturday Feb 13th for a Valentine's Day show... so grab your main squeeze and get on down to Sharpsville to party with us!   Time to get the party train on the move this weekend!!



McMenamy's was a blast!!   PIX HERE!   Thanx to everyone that came out and braved the cold weather to party with us!



What a way to kick '09 in the butt!!  Thank you to all the good people that spent their new year's with us!!!  So many cameras were there, we will post pics as we get them rollin' in.   :)   Pics are here and here!  Special thanks to Bill (TGM Audio) and Rudy for all the help to make this an awesome show!!   Here's to a great 2010 everyone!



Had a great time at Papa Louie's! (pix) -- Happy Birthday Val!  :) 

We want to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

See you at McMenamy's for New Year's!!!


Great time at Papa Louie's!! We had a lot of fun! We will be back there in December for a Christmas show....but for now, check out last night's PICS!

Also: Check out the Harry's Halloween pics HERE!

Party Time is this Saturday!:

Work off that Turkey! Nov. 28th at McMenamy's!

See ya' all then!  You guys rock!



Holy Crazy Party Batman!!  Last night was off the freakin' chain at Harry's.  A big Thank You to EVERYONE that came out and partied with us and made our Halloween Bash another great success!  Special thanks to our wives and friends for all the help! Extra thanks to Val our costume designer - what an awesome job! We have a PILE of pics HERE!!



Had a great time this Labor Day weekend!

What a killer time at both shows!

Check out all the fun on our pics page!!!



We were mentioned in a nice article found in the Tribune on 8/24.  Very cool stuff!  It's nice to see the original music scene is appreciated!

check out the article!  (JPG)  or  (PDF)


Double Header Labor Day Weekend coming up!

Sept 5th at Harry's and Sept 6th at Sportsterz!

See ya then!   Rock n' Roll!!




Had a great time at Rust Fest!!!! Everyone was super cool.. thanks to the staff and to the other bands for making it a very good day! We also had a blast with our friends from the Barflies at Harry's celebrating Carol's birthday last night!  A good time had by all!


Aug 6th 2009


Pics are up from the Dave Grohl Alley Dedication and McMenamy's! 

Check them out on our (PICS) page!


   Remember to get ready for Rust Fest @ B & O Station in Youngstown! 

For more info check out the myspace (HERE).


We wanna see you there for an awesome day of rock!!!!



Aug 2nd 2009


What a day we had yesterday!


It was a great day for music, and a great memory for everyone that was at the Music is Art Dave Grohl Alley Dedication!  If you weren't there, then you missed out big time! Dave is a TRUE artist, and we are honored that we were asked to take part in this once in a lifetime special event!   We played a 7 song all original set, and as we were playing our last song, Dave Grohl arrived... it was crazy!  It's an event that none of us will forget... We have live audio and video from the set, as well as a lot of pics... so we'll get some posted on the site very soon!!


More news: Our new shirts are in! Still only $5 so make sure you pick one up at our next show! We are also happy to announce that we are down to our VERY LAST few Monster Inside CD's... thanks so much for all of your support! Your response to the new songs yesterday was awesome!  


After the Music is Art show, our day wasn't over! We went to McMenamy's and had a ball!!!  We have to sort through a boatload of pics, and as soon as we do we'll post them!  It was one hell of a double-header day for Sonic Age, but we wouldn't have it any other way.... cuz it's Rock n' Roll, and we LOVE it!


Next Stop:


B & O Station - Aug 22nd

Youngstown Ohio




July 28th 2009


Time has changed for the Music Is Art show! 

We will be hitting the stage at 2pm!


Sat. Aug 1st   [2pm!]  {PRESS RELEASE HERE!}

Music is Art Festival (Dave Grohl Alley Dedication!)

** Our first ever ALL ORIGINAL Performance! **

Downtown Warren, OH.  - (CLICK HERE FOR FLYER)




July 26th 2009


Last night was a great time at Harry's!!

The beach balls were flyin' and the room was rockin'!

There were only a couple down points.... our inflatable pool went from a pool, to a water slide, to a giant phallic symbol... and Shaboda didn't wear his "Banana Hammock"! 

Maybe next time!  HA!!!!        :)


We opened the night with a brand new original... and we were overwhelmed with the response!  Glad ya' liked it!  We had a couple good friends come up and play a couple tunes with us too...It was really great to be back at Harry's - we had a killer time.... pics are right HERE!


Next up is our double header day next Saturday starting with Music is Art Festival  [Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters Alley Dedication] in Downtown Warren (2pm all original show) - and then to McMenamy's that night (10 pm) for a rock n' roll party!


Peace and Humptiness - See ya' then!! 



July 22nd 2009


 Show Alerts!


August 1st is a busy day for us!    In the afternoon (3:00) we will be doing our 1st ever ALL ORIGINAL performance for the Dave Grohl Alley Dedication Music is Art Festival!  We will be playing songs from Monster Inside and brand new material that will be on the new CD!  Then that night (10:00) we will be back at at McMenamy's to rip it up!  It's a Sonic Age Saturday!


Another new show date is Sunday Sept. 6th - we are back at Sportsterz (Geneva on the Lake) for a Labor Day Weekend Bash! Word has it that this is bigger than 4th of July in those parts, which means this will be a good time you don't wanna miss! You have off Monday so no excuses!!!  :)



July 11th 2009


Hey people!

It's another Party Alert from the craziest band you know!! 

Mark the Calendars, Cancel Vacations, and Book the Sitters now for July 25th at Harry's!!!   

It's our 1st Annual Summer Beach Party!


What does this mean you ask?  Well, it means no matter what the weather is doing outside, we're gonna' make it a HOT night inside at Harry's! 


So forget about "dressing up" to go out... just relax, and "dress down" in the Beach Gear of your Choice and let's blow the roof off the weekend! (but ya still gotta' wear a shirt and shoes!)  

Well, Ya' never know, Shaboda still might wear his bikini!!!  ;)


See ya' then!!!!




July 5th 2009


This weekend was an absolute BLAST!


Starting off with Party on the Plaza on Friday... it was a great way to kick off the holiday weekend... the weather held out, we got to see a lot of familiar faces, and we even got on the news...can't beat that!   [pics here!]


Saturday at Sportsterz was off the chain... we got up there early to enjoy the beautiful day and chill out with some good food and check out the other bands...it was easily the craziest show yet in 2009 for us... the staff, and the other bands were great...and the crowd was wound up! Everyone really made us feel at home for our 1st appearance at Sportsterz!  You know it's been a killer weekend when ya can't walk the day after!     :) 

[pics here!]



June 29th 2009

We've got a big weekend coming up!



Our next shows are:

Friday July 3rd

Party on the Plaza

 in Downtown Youngstown




Saturday July 4th

Sportsterz [visit their website here]

Geneva on the Lake, Oh



Mark your calendars!

See ya' all soon!


June 20th 2009


We want to apologize to anyone that came out for the show on June 19th just to find out that we weren't playing. We tried our best to let everyone know before hand. We would have loved to play, but it wasn't our choice... We want to make it clear though that WE didn't cancel the show


 POTP organizers pulled the plug on the night because of the possibility of bad storms [which, funny enough, never really happened anyway].



June 8th 2009


Thanx to all the good people at the Greenville Moose for being super cool and partying with us until the end of the night!  We had a great time!  Those shots went down WAY too easy! 



(some pics are here).


May 27th 2009


Hey thanks to all the people that came out to support us at The Drawbar this past weekend!  It's always cool to see a bunch of people wearing their Sonic Age gear!!  Pics are up (HERE).




May 20th 2009


DRAWBAR! Let's get ready to rip the roof off one more time!


 This is our last date for ya' guys out at the Drawbar until this fall so ya' better be ready to party! Don't let us down!


Also - we got some test mixes back from Mindrocket Studios recently... they are JAMMIN'.... can't wait for ya' all to hear this new stuff... it's raw, it's cool, and it kinda' slams, if we do say so ourselves!   :)


We are also excited about some new summer dates that have popped up on the schedule - June 19th at Party on the Plaza in Downtown Ytown, and July 4th at Sportsterz in Geneva, OH.  Some exciting stuff is in the works folks so stay tuned!


Drawbar..We will see you Saturday to rock your ass off! 




May 12 2009


 We had a ROCKIN' time at McMenamy's on Saturday!

It was One Wild Night!   :)   You're the best!

Pics are HERE.


Next Stop: Drawbar May 23rd.

See ya then...


May 3rd 2009


Hey all... it's been a little while since an update... so we thought we would fill ya' in on what's up!   First of all, thanks to the folks out at Peter B's for being so good to us! Your response to the original material was awesome! Speaking of originals, the recording for our new CD is going well and the tracks sound GREAT!  We still have a way to go yet before it's done, but we might give you a teaser soon! We have pretty much sold out of our copies of Monster Inside. Thanks to everyone for supporting us and our music over the years since we started.  We are also sold out of ALL of our old T-Shirt stock!  New shirts will be on their way, so those of you that have been asking, thanks for being patient with us!   :)    Next Gig:  McMenamy's May 9th.


Apr 14 2009


Thanx to all of our good friends who partied with us at Harry's!  You made our Anniversary show a great time to remember!!! 

You rocked Shaboda on his BDay too!  :)  Pics are (HERE)!




March 19th 2009

Check out the St. Patty's Bash on our pics page!


Next stop: HARRY'S on April 11th.

This show will mark the 6 Year Anniversary for the band... and it also happens to be Shaboda's "Birfday"... so there's 2 good reasons to mark this show on the calendar.  :)  Seriously, we couldn't keep doing this without  the support from all of our families and friends, and fans old and new..... You guys make it happen... and we sincerely THANK ALL OF YOU! 


So let's all get together and celebrate 6 years of rockin' your weekend! - April 11th at Harry's!




March 17 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Saturday night was a blast at McMenamy's!

We had an awesome time and we hope you all did too!

Just SOME of the pics are located on this page!


March 4th 2009


Thanx to all of our good friends at the Drawbar for a great time Saturday night!  You wore us out! :)  Pics are HERE!


 March 14th at McMenamy's in Niles, OH.

You might have already heard the radio ad....


If you've got plans already, CHANGE THEM.... if you don't have a sitter yet, GET ONE.... we have a feeling this is gonna' be a HUGE St. Patty's party.... and you don't wanna' miss it! The stickers, beads and green beer will be flowing O'Plenty!  We've played several St. Pat's days in the past.... but we think this one just might be "off the chain"!   :)   Just remember, You don't need to be Irish to celebrate on this day!     



Feb 22nd 2009



Are you ready to get your party on!?! 

Your favorite band is rolling back into Greenville Feb 28th to blow the roof off the joint! 

We missed you guys, and we are pumped up to give our friends one hell of a show!   Get ready to get crazy!


Feb 17th 2009


Thanx to everyone for coming out to Leon's on Valentine's Day and making it one hell of a night! It was a great time and a full house of people ready to party!

Special Congrats to two very good friends in the Sonic Age family.... Ed and Jodi who met at a Leon's show years ago, got engaged at Saturday's gig! 

Ya' know, we actually called ourselves "Uncle Cupid" for our 1st gig back in 2003.  HA! [Yes, it's disturbing but true].



 Pics have been posted from the show HERE!




Feb 8th 2009




We are gearing up for our return to Leon's on Valentine's Day!


We will have some special  giveaways for the evening and a couple new songs for ya' too!


So "Be Ours" on Valentine's Day!

(Sorry -  we just had to say it).


See ya' then!



Jan 28th 2009


Pics from last Saturday at Harry's are posted! CLICK HERE!




Jan 25th 2009


Last night was a blast at Harry's!

A great way to open our 2009 schedule!

Thanks to everyone for coming out...

pics coming soon!



Dec 30th 2008


2008 Wrap-up Blog is HERE.

Fan Club section has been updated.

Next show: Jan 24th at Harry's!





Dec 22nd 2008


Papa Louie's pics are now posted (HERE).

Merry Christmas everyone!



Dec 21st 2008


Thanks to everyone who came out to Papa Louie's last night for our Rockin' Christmas Party!  What a great time! 


 It was an awesome way to "WRAP UP" up our year with all of you!  Thanks to the guys in On-3, Capitol Court, and the Barflies for hangin' with us too. 


Pics will be posted soon, so as usual, keep checkin' back!



Dec 15th 2008


See all the crazy pics from the Drawbar posted [HERE].

Thanks to everyone who made it another awesome night!


Our last stop for 2008 is this Saturday at

PAPA LOUIE'S in Brookfield, OH.

Join us for a rockin' Christmas Party!



Dec 14th 2008


'Nucking Futs'.


That might give ya' a hint of what you missed last night at The Drawbar... but that might not even be that accurate of a description! :)


Thanks to all the good people that partied with us and wore us out! Pics will be up Monday night after Shaboda recovers!



Dec 9th 2008


Where has the time gone!?

Only 2 shows left for 2008!


So get your butt out to see us this Saturday

Dec 13th at The Drawbar on RT 358 in Hadley Pa!


It was crazy last time - so let's do it again!

See ya this Saturday!


Dec.1st 2008


We had an absolute blast at McMenamy's!

Now that's what we call a PAARRTTAAYY!

We're still recovering!   :)

A special shout-out to our pal George from the Smack Daddys for comin' to party with us on a night off!

Pix are [HERE] and [HERE].



Nov 22nd 2008



We're back at:

McMenamy's in Niles, OH

November 29th! 


Work off that turkey with the best party in town!


We hope to see ya' there!




Nov 14th 2008

Happy Birthday

to Mikey our friendly neighborhood guitar player!   :)


Drop him a line on myspace or on the guestbook here on the site and wish the guy a Happy 'Birfday'.... and get him some black balloons while you're at it too. 


Fan Club pics have also been updated! - Check 'em out!



Nov 9th 2008


As a friend of the band once told us....

 "You're too much rock for one hand!"


Drawbar - You guys know how to party!

[so much so we had to censor some of these pics]   :)

You're not afraid to get sweaty and get a little crazy!

We want to thank everyone for making it out last night.

It was awesome to see so many familiar faces!

We'll see you again on December 13th!

Pics [here].



Oct 28th 2008


Harry's Halloween pics are posted! HERE AND HERE!

Live audio from the show is also being worked on now.


Thanks to everyone who made the night a huge success!  Special props to our ladies Carol, Val, Laura and Patty who went above and beyond to prepare for the show - and to Val for making our awesome Fruit of the Loom costumes!  :)


WE RETURN TO THE DRAWBAR IN GREENVILLE, PA (RT 358) on Nov. 8th! - Last time we were there it was a crazy 'standing room only' party!  So let's do it again!


see ya then people   :)


Oct 26th 2008


Last night's Halloween bash at Harry's was OFF THE HOOK! Probably the biggest one yet! What a blast! A huge thank you to everyone that came out and supported us in our return to Harry's! LOADS AND LOADS of pictures are on the way! Keep checkin' back - we'll have them posted soon!

Oct 20th 2008










There's no Halloween party like a Sonic Age Halloween party so get your costumes ready! 

Prizes and Giveaways during the night.


It's gonna be a 'scream'!!



Sept 28th 2008


Thank you to Missy and Matt for letting us be a part of your special day and allowing us to rock the reception!

  The Mansion will never be the same!    :)

   We wish you many years of happiness!



[In other news]:

We have been working on new songs for the follow up to Monster Inside.  Our 1st recording sessions are booked for Jan '09.  The material is coming together nicely and we're pretty excited to get back in the studio again!



Sept 16th 2008

McMenamy's pics are now posted! Check them out here!

Special thanks to Buckeye Iron for hookin' us up!


Sept 14th  2008


Last night JAMMED at McMenamy's!

 It was our first time there and it was a blast! Mad props to Wicked for doing a killer opening set too! Special thanks to Ed, Chalky, and Ted for helping with all the gear and helping the night run smooth.....and to Buckeye Iron for the killer pics that will be posted soon! 


Sept 6th 2008


We just can't tell ya how much fun we had at Buhl Day this year!  It was awesome to see so many familiar faces... and we made some new friends too.....  it was a good day!!


We're an American Band.....

With an American Van!!

We're comin' to your town!   :)


Click here for Buhl Day parade pics!



It was probably the biggest stage Sonic Age has played on to date... What a freakin' blast!


 It's great to be back!

We really missed you people!


Click here for Buhl Day show pics!


Thanks to Dave G., Val, Carol, Laura & Chalky for pix!


next stop: McMenamy's 9/13


Sept 3rd 2008


Buhl Day 2008 - what a way to come back to the Shenango Valley!  Thanks so much to everyone that helped us throughout the day.... and to everyone that was there for the show!  It was great to look out at the sea of Sonic Age shirts in the crowd!






We have a bunch of stuff to post from the parade and the performance  - we just need time to go through all of it.  So keep checking back here for updates!


 new pics coming soon!



Sept 1st 2008


Sleep in?.....on our day off!?   Not this band!


See ya' at Buhl Day!  5:15!



Aug 24th 2008


Our Buhl Day show is fast approaching and we are pumped about it!


Sept 1st (Labor Day) at 5:00 pm at the Performing Arts Center in Buhl Park - Sharon, Pa.


 Directions to Buhl Park can be found here


We will also be in the Buhl Day parade that morning to join in the day's celebration! (scheduled to start at 9:30 am)


In other news: We have been hard at work putting our full set list together.... we've got some goodies in store for ya'!  We have also resumed writing for the follow up CD to Monster Inside.  With only about 30 copies left before we are sold out, we decided we better get back to writing for the next disc... and already some of the new ideas are coming out great.  Sometimes it can be a long process, but the end result is worth it!


Hope to see ya' all at Buhl Day!



Aug 4th 2008

We have been waiting a while to say this again.... THE PICS FROM SATURDAY ARE UP! (CLICK HERE)


Aug 3rd 2008

Cusick Fest '08... the day after....


Thank You... Thank You.... Thank You!!!! 


From all the great bands that have given us their support in the past months, and to all the awesome fans that have stuck with us this whole time....we say THANK YOU!!!


You all made yesterday awesome!


A day with beautiful weather, awesome music, cold beer, and great people to share it with... it just doesn't get any better!!  Some of us are just getting home this morning (it looked like a mini-woodstock was in town when we woke up)... so it might take a little while to get all the pics uploaded... but keep checkin' back!!   They will be up ASAP!!!



July 30th 2008


We return to the stage this Saturday August 2nd at the Cusick Music Festival and it's gonna' be one hell of a good time once again!  A couple different bands round out the line up this year for a great day of music and fun. If you miss this event, then you miss a good time, and why the hell would you wanna miss out on a good time!?!?


Get your tickets now!!

(email us)




If you like to listen to live music, and you want somewhere to enjoy a nice summer day then come on out!!  Sonic Age will go on stage at approx 8pm.  Steve will be sitting in with our friends from ON-3 for their performance this year at the festival approx 1:30pm.

If you missed last year, make up for it this Saturday!

Hope to see ya there!




July 2nd 2008


Hey people!  What's shakin!?! 


A lot has been going on with Sonic Age in the past few months.... and here's some highlights: We are learning new material and gearing up for our return to the stage on August 2nd at the Cusick Music Festival!  It's gonna' be a

 blast as always so contact us and get your tickets NOW! More information on this event is posted here. Also, more shows are getting penciled in to the 2008 calendar, some of which are posted now, so remember to always keep watching this site for updates! 


We'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new drummer Chuck to the Sonic Age family!  He brings a new excitement and energy to the band and we're glad he's on-board!  Our original drummer Eric has decided to pursue other interests outside of music and we wish him all the best in his future projects.


 This is an exciting time for the band, and we can't wait to get back out there and rock the weekends with you!


Get ready folks - Sonic Age 3.0 is on the way!

Talk to ya soon!



June 2nd 2008


A new date has been added to the schedule - and a lot more on the way!


 We're always learning different material, so if you've got a song you would like to hear,  please sign our guestbook and let us know!



May 28th 2008


Rehearsals have begun!


Joe is rockin' again, and the band is back in the saddle,  gettin' ready to tear shit up ASAP! The return show has been scheduled for Aug 2nd at the Cusick Music Festival.


More details and ticket info will come soon so stay tuned!


...........We're coming to take you away ha ha!!



May 5th 2008


Just wanted to say hello to everyone!  Hope ya didn't forget about us - cuz we didn't forget about you!


The plan is to have our 'return to the stage' show in August!  So stay tuned for news updates here and on our MySpace page.




We'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of the band during this hiatus. We really appreciate all the concern from everyone about what is happening with Sonic Age. We do want to clear up what is going on, though. Joe has to have a procedure performed on his vocal chords to remove a polyp. This does require a little bit of recovery time, but we'll be ready to rock again by mid summer.   We'll update you as time goes on, so stay tuned.  Thanks again for standing behind us, and for all the well wishes....you guys are the best!




Due to unforseen events that are out of our control, our break has to be extended a little longer than expected. We have cancelled all of our Spring Dates for 2008, but please know that Sonic Age is still very much together.  Much love to all the good folks that help us do what we do. We really couldn't do this without your support.... and we thank you.  We will keep you posted on things, so remember to keep checking back here for updates.


 We miss you guys, but we hope to see ya' soon.


                                                                    -Sonic Age




Happy Birthday to our singer JOE! 


Have a good day bro........

[just don't ask us to blow your candle out] - yaaaoow!


You can send him a happy birthday message HERE!




Hi everyone.... we are staying busy during our little break to work on more material for the set....


please let us know if you have any suggestions!!



Hey all.... the first batch of dates have been posted, so mark your calendars!  We've got a St. Patty's weekend Bash and a Sonic Age 5 Year Anniversary party in the mix!

Right now, we're busy working on different material as well as writing new songs for another CD...We'll see ya' soon!


2007 Wrapped up! - READ IT HERE!


A big thank you to Viking Jim at CD 93.3 for including us on the Homegrown Show this past Sunday.  It's great to see local radio embrace and support local original talent!  Thanks!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!




News Update:

We will be one of the bands featured on CD93.3's Homegrown Show  on December 23rd at 9pm!  Make sure ya tune in!

This is a great thing for local ORIGINAL MUSIC!  There's a lot of talent in the area so give it a listen!

Thanks to everyone for a great year!   We love ya!  

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Talk soon people....


We had a great time at Harry's last night.... We're glad everyone enjoyed our 'Storytellers' Unplugged set      :)

ONE MORE gig left for 2007!  We can't believe 2007 is wrapping up!

What a year it has been... some highlights are the release of our CD in January, the CD release party in Feb @ Harry's, St Patty's Day @ Leon's, Our Unplugged Set at Barnes and Noble, 3rd Annual Cusick Fest, Halloween Bash @ Harry's, and Thanksgiving weekend at Billy's.... it's been another wild year for us and we are glad you came along for the ride!

We appreciate each and every one of you.... we thank you for your support... without all of you, we couldn't do what we do. We always want to make sure when you come to a Sonic Age show, you have a great time and you leave completely entertained with some good memories to get ya' through another long week.

We are taking January off to work on new original material for another CD, as well as some different cover songs. If you have a request, or just want to say hello please sign our guestbook! To date we have moved about 300 copies of the 1st CD, and again we owe it all to you. We are extremely appreciative of all your support!!

Much love people!


Hey everyone!

Tonight is our last show at Harry's until Feb 08!

So C'mon down for the party!

We always try to keep the evening interesting for ya, so tonight's 1st set will be an "unplugged" set which will include different tracks from our CD that we rarely play live... as well as a twist on some of our regular set material with a couple different numbers thrown in too...of course, the rest of the night will be full on Sonic Age...complete with all the craziness and fun that is to be had at a show :)

Check it out tonight!


Thanks to all of our good friends at Leon's for making it another crazy Saturday night! We love ya!!!  [pix here].  Remember, only there's only 2 shows left for this year........ We hope to see ya' at one!


Sonic Age leaves their mark at Billy's! - Pics up now!


We had an awesome night tonight at Billy's!  Pics will be posted soon... so stay tuned... also remember we only have 3 gigs left for the year so we hope to see ya at one!


Tonight's the big night @ Billy's Black and Gold! It's our first gig back in town after playing a few 'away games'.  We are happy to be among the first bands to play @ Billy's and we think it's gonna' be a blast! So c'mon down and let's have a jammin' party! *NO COVER CHARGE*  The holiday weekend isn't over yet, and after all IT IS Saturday Night!!!


Pics from our road trip to Peter B's are up! What a cool place! (and the people were a blast too!)  We are lookin' forward to the next gig there for sure!

Coming up this Saturday we are at BILLY'S BLACK AND GOLD for a rip roarin' party for Thanksgiving weekend!   Let's show 'em a party, eh!   Don't miss it!


We like to spread our wings once in a while and play somewhere different... so this weekend we will be at a cool joint in Sarver, PA called Peter B's. (here's a map)


 SONIC AGE UNIVERSITY shirts are now available!  

With our 5 year anniversary around the corner, we wanted to celebrate with something a little different....The front of the shirt shows off the cool 'academic' logo while the back lists every bar and event we've played since the band started in 2003 (and what a list it is!)  Probably our coolest shirt run thus far, so make sure you check them out HERE.

Another new item is the SONIC AGE SLAMMER! It's a shot glass filled with the Bar's choice of FUN FLUID for the evening and you keep the glass.  CLICK HERE.


 Check out all the gear in the Merch Corner!


We return to rock ya' like no one can, this Saturday November 10th  @ Jumpin Jack's Chicken Shack in Boardman, Oh.  (CLICK HERE FOR FLYER

Hope to see ya there!


Grab a drink.... make a snack.... sit down and look at over 400 pix from Harry's Halloween show!  Yeah,  it's crazy, but that's how we roll!  CLICK HERE to go to the pics page!


Harry's costume party  =  A FREAKIN' BLAST!

You were the best audience anyone could ask for - everyone looked great - the costumes were awesome - it was very difficult to pick winners for the prizes because we thought there were so many good ones out there.

In the words of the management "Tonight was a Party!"


In fact, they already asked us to do next year's Halloween Party at Harry's, and it's because of you! We just wanna say THANKS for being a great audience!

We will also have
the biggest picture gallery to date coming very soon -- it's just gonna' take a while to put them all together. (We may even have some video clips too!)


Thanx again for a kick ass night DRAWBAR! [pics here!

This Saturday is the party night you've been waiting for since the madness ended last year!  The makeup wasn't even cleaned off yet and people were already talkin' about this year's bash!  If for some reason you were one of the few that missed it last year... don't miss out again this weekend!

 *THE* HALLOWEEN BASH in the area is this Saturday Oct 27th @ Harry's


Saturday @ Leon's rocked!!  Click here for pics!

 See ya @ the DrawBar Saturday Oct 20th!


We didn't know there were so many people who supported local music and were online so much!  [Thank goodness for web macros, eh!?]  Good luck to all of the finalists.


We are entered in CD93.3's Battle of the Bands (online vote)


PIX ARE UP FROM 804! (Click here).  Our September gigs are now in the books, and we're taking a couple weeks off to work on more material for your listening pleasure.... we're gonna gear up for ROCKTOBER 2007! 

As always, we never stop doing something in the Sonic Age camp..... in this case that means starting to write more originals!  It's been a great experience to release "Monster Inside", and all of you made it even better by embracing the music and really giving it a chance. [At the rate things are going right now, we will probably be 'out of stock' of the CD by the new year]. We always wanted to be more than just another cover band, and you've made it possible...What a great feeling to see you singing the lyrics back to us when we play the songs live!  It's rewarding to know that you dig it!  You guys really are the best and we can't thank you enough!

A new song has been posted on our MySpace!



Hey All!  Hope to see you at 804 Tavern this Saturday!


It was a great return gig to Papa Louie's last night! 

Sonic Age Branding was in full effect!  PIX UP NOW!


Another jammin' party @ Harry's!  PIX ARE HERE!  Also, the calendar has been posted for the remainder of the year.

Next stop: Papa Louie's Sept 15th!  We are the first band back there since their summer break....

so let's make it another jammin' party for everyone!   See ya' then!


The Sonic Age "Branding"(c) shall commence SEPTEMBER 8TH at HARRY'S!


Pictures Pictures Pictures...and..... well.... Pictures!  Some from last weekend, and some added from last month... All of them are here

Also, Dave from First Take Video Productions posted some of the video he shot of us at our Barnes and Noble performance back in April - Check it out!

 Remember we are playing the PSU Poker Run next weekend - so if you wanna sign up follow this link!


We were featured in the Meadville Tribune last week promoting the Cusick Music Fest - check out the article.  Remember tonight is Sonic Age stripped down acoustic style @ Chestnut St. in Downtown Sharon. Hope to see ya there!


Check out the new blog post here


If you didn't go, then you don't know, what a great time you missed at the 3rd Annual Cusick Music Festival yesterday!!! It was a day blessed with beautiful weather, great friends, and kickin' music and bands!  Special thanks to Joe Cusick, Doug Artman and the whole festival staff for asking us to contribute to such a fun event for the 2nd year in a row, and we'd love to be a part of it next year!  A boatload of pictures were taken, so be patient because we'll have a couple different galleries posted throughout the week.  The 1st gallery is here! Now we want ya' to sing this little tune....."You should never complain there's nothin' to do... here is Picture Gallery #2


We had a great time at the 804 on Saturday... Luann and the staff are super cool!  - pix here 

Next stop - the 3rd annual Cusick Music Fest!   Great music all day long from 7 kickin' bands! Food Vendors on site - Camping Available.  BYOB. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.... kids under 12 get in free. If you are interested in tickets please let us know


The Sonic Age tradition continues!

3 Galleries of crazy Leon's pix are up now!


Another Jammin' night @ Leon's!  What a way to spend a Saturday night!

We will have a couple different picture galleries posted this week, so keep checkin' back!


Harry's pics online here!


Summer Madness was in high gear at Harry's on Saturday! Pics coming soon!


Hi everyone! 

Can you say Summer Madness!?! We are really looking forward to this Saturday at Harry's!  It's been a while, and we are ready to rock the house!  So come on out and do the 'hang' with Sonic Age!  We've got some different songs in the list, and some new shirts for ya' too!  Hope to see ya' then!



Show your support for Sonic Age.... and look cool doing it!  Check out the new SUMMER HOLOFLASH series of shirts on our merch page!  As always, with every different series of shirts, there is a variety of colors, sizes and styles for only $5.00 each!! (or if you're feelin' sassy, you can pickup a shirt and a copy of our CD for only $15.00).  It's the best deal around! 




Thank You Illusionz!  What a cool place to play! Everyone was super nice, and the management was great to us. [Pics]  It was cool to hook up with our Greenville crew again, since we haven't been out that way in a while!  You guys rock!

In other news: a new run of Sonic Age shirts coming soon! The 'Summer 2007' series will be available in July.  We are taking most of June off to learn another different batch of material for ya.... you ask, and we listen!  Our next public gig will be July 6th at The Wedge in Austintown!


Guess what!?! More fun and sweaty pics are online from Saturday in Gallery 2 on our pics page!

Remember this coming Saturday is our 1st gig @ Illusionz in Greenville, Pa!   We've been playing in the Greenville area since we started.. so we're excited to play this cool new club!

See ya' Saturday!


Another 'lovely' night at Leon's is in the history books! 

You never know what what's gonna' happen!

It was a great time....complete with a motorcycle helmet....

The 1st Gallery is up now - CLICK HERE!


Sonic Age T-Shirt Party @ Leon's this Saturday!

It's the 1st official Sonic Age Theme Night! Wear your Sonic Age T-Shirt in support of the band! We will have some prizes and some giveaways for people wearing their shirt!  See ya there in your Sonic Gear!


Hey all! It was great to be back at Harry's again.... lots of familar faces, and some new ones who picked up our CD.... speaking of the CD, it is now available at another location: Record Connection in Niles, Oh!    We will have some new show pics up soon... Some new announcements are around the corner concerning additional summer gigs... as soon as the details are ironed out, we'll fill ya' in.... Until then, take it easy and we'll see ya' next Saturday when we return to party central at Leon's in Howland, Oh!


Hey All... Hope all the Mom's out there had a nice Mother's Day! We had a great time at Papa Louie's on Saturday.. It was great to perform some different material for you, and to see all those famaliar faces again (as well as new ones!)

 Next Show: Harry's May 19th!



Hi everyone!

We just wanted to say 'howdy' while we are on our lil' break here.... it's nice to have a little time off, but at the same time we can't wait to get out and play for ya' again... We have been busy learning a bunch of different material for our set that we think you're gonna' enjoy! If there's anything you'd like to hear us do, let us know, and we'll try to throw it in! :)

We also wanted to say thank you again for all the support with our CD "Monster Inside" (over 200 copies sold so far since February)...... If you haven't picked it up yet, you can get your copy at DISC JUNKIE in Sharon PA, KING'S MUSIC in Sharon PA, BARNES AND NOBLE in Boardman OH, the '
Buy CD' link, or at any of our shows.

It's been great to hear the feedback from people on the CD... it has something for everyone, so give it a try and support local music. If you do have a copy, leave us a comment in our guestbook and let us know your favorite track!  Mark Your Calendars!




We had a jammin' time at Harry's last Saturday!  (pics). Lotsa' birthdays in the house and special guest the "GMAN" from ON3 playin' a lil' geetar for us!  We always have a blast @ Harry's.... make sure you mark your calendars because we are back there May 19th to do it again!   For the next couple of weeks we are going to take some time to add some different material to our set.  We have some surprises in-store for ya'!  We "return to the stage" May 12th @ Papa Louie's!  We'll see ya' then.....Peace!


Party @ Harry's tonight!  No cover charge! Be there!


The Barnes and Noble acoustic set was so much fun last night... and it was for a good cause. What a different experience to play our songs "unplugged"!  It was also exciting for us to walk in and hear our CD playing through the store's PA system.... very cool! 

A special thank you to everyone who was there and bought a CD. Thanks to the people at Barnes and Noble, you really made us feel welcome.... and especially Amy Neral and First Book Mahoning Valley, for making it happen.


      First Take Video Productions (thanks Dave!) was also there to document the show... so we might have some video/audio to put up in the near future... Stay tuned!

In other news: We are now endorsed by SIT strings!


After a long band meeting, we have come up with a new direction for the band. We have decided to start a new style of music that mixes hip-hop, hard-core country, and jazz, with a little easy listening thrown in. We think you're gonna' love the new format....


Anyhow, last night jammed! We want to do a 'shout out' to our new friends the "Put-in-Bay" Crew! You were a lotta' fun...  Maybe we'll see ya' in your neck of the woods someday soon!

A new date has been added for the summer at a new establishment - June 2nd at Illusions in Greenville, Pa. (Hey, Bud and Kris -- you kick butt).  We have some other cool things in the works too...  but we'll keep ya in suspense for a bit before we post them...

The day approaches for the 1st ever acoustic performance at Barnes and Noble this friday. Remember, our CD is on sale there now... we are looking forward to such a cool and different type of gig. We are gonna blow the doors off the place... hehe...  well, maybe not.... but we're gonna have a lot of fun... some come on out, enjoy yourself and say hi!

See Ya then.....


With over 100 gigs under our belts since the start of the band we have never played an all acoustic set. That will change on Friday (April 6th) when we play at Barnes and Noble on rt.224 in Boardman to promote our CD "Monster Inside". We are really looking forward to this performance. We start at 7pm, and will probably play for an hour or so...or maybe longer, who knows!?  (Maybe this will lead to some gigs at a coffeehouse near you!)  Ya, it's crazy! Some might even say ridiculous... (but we like ridiculous) that's how we roll!!  :>  Come on out and see Sonic Age Unplugged!  It should be a real hoot!   Also don't forget we are at the Grist Mill in Austintown this Saturday!  NO COVER CHARGE!


Drawbar pix are up - so check 'em out!  Also, we are gearing up for our Grist Mill gig this Saturday and our first ever acoustic show on April 6th at Barnes and Noble to promote our CD "Monster Inside".. we are really excited about this one because it's something we've never done before as a band.. it should be a hoot! Who knows...If everyone digs it, we might pick up a few gigs at your local coffee shop!   :)   Speaking of the CD: Plastic Anna is now on our MySpace (So add it to your page!). We have already sold over half of the CD's we ordered.... it's a great thing to see people enjoy local original music, and we thank you for all of your support!  It means the world to us!


It's crazy like Sanjiaya's hair.... we have a 3RD Gallery of Pics from St. Patty's Day! (Thanx Clem) Check 'em out!


Check out all the new pics!  Very Niiiiccee!


Leon's was a blast!! Pics from last night and last week at Drunken Jacks' will be posted soon!  Stay tuned!!


Great seeing everyone last week for our 2nd CD release party @ Drunken Jacks'! The owners/staff really made us feel @ home!  A lot of surprise faces & old friends were there too, and made it a special night for us.

Get Ready to Spit Shine your Blarney Stones! We are at Leon's this Saturday for a St. Patty's Day Party! It's gonna be a great time! Be Merry! Wear Green! Drink Green Beer! Come and Party with us! (or get beat with a Shilelah by an angry Leprechaun named Jeffery!)


Sonic Age in the Sharon Herald!  --  If you didn't see it yet, you can read the article online here!


Make sure you pick up a copy of the Sharon Herald on Thursday!  Joe was interviewed today for an article about the band as well as details concerning the CD!  Keep your eye out for it and get a paper!   Don't forget that this Saturday March 10th is our 2nd CD Release party and our very first gig @ Drunken Jacks' in Poland, OH - It's a fun place to be and we hope to see ya' all there! 


We are proud to announce that our CD 'Monster Inside' is now available at Barnes & Noble in Boardman OH (located on rt .224 by Wendy's).

We will also be doing an acoustic performance there on Friday April 6th @ 7pm! This will be the band's 1st acoustic performance... It should be a hoot!  Mark your Calendars!


We're takin' this coming weekend off to work on some material and get ready for the 2nd CD Release Party @ Drunken Jacks' in Poland, Oh. on March 10th!  We wanna see ya'all there....

So cancel your other plans! --- It's gonna' be a blast!


Check out the new revamp of Gotsonic.com!  Download ringtones to your cell!  See you tonight @ The Icehouse.


In the words of Borat; "It was a great success!"  We wanna give out Big Thank You's  to everyone who celebrated our CD release with us @ Harry's last night... especially with all of those Monster Inside shirts in the crowd!   It was great to play a lot of the songs for you - and your reception to the new songs was just awesome.  It was great to see all the signatures on our retired banner too!  :)   Just a great time had by all....PICS ARE HERE  and  HERE.



The Papa Louie's pics from this past Saturday are up! So check 'em out!


MERCH UPDATE: Monster Inside - Limited Edition Shirts are now available - $5.00 each - (while supplies last!)   This batch of shirts celebrating the release of our new CD, is a limited run... so get yours at the next gig ... cuz when they're gone, they're gone!



What a crazy time @ Papa Louie's on Saturday!  It's always cool to come back to one of the original places we started playing and see so many familiar faces... and to see others that have come to party with us from all over... we had friends from Greenville, Pa to Howland, Oh face that bitter cold to hang with us!  Now THAT'S Party Dedication!  Your support really means a lot to us! {There were 2 Birthday's too: Chalky and Tina) -  Pics will be up ASAP.


We return to Papa Louie's tomorrow night!

Hope to see ya'all there!


Our ladies are the best!  We also found out they are excellent at keeping a secret from us!  Ha!  :)

Carol, Amy, Val, and Laura arranged a surprise party for us to celebrate the release of the CD.... complete with signs, an awesome cake with the CD cover on it,  and sweet band gift in the form of a shadow box.... documenting the band's history from the early days of Psycho Cafe' until now. So we say to our wonderful wives... We love ya' and thank you!! 

We also found out our CD is now in the Jukebox at Harry's! So next time you are there shootin' pool you can listen to Sonic Age in the Jukebox! 


Sonic Age is now endorsed by In Tune guitar picks! Read more about it here.


O'Donold's was a rockin' gig this past Saturday.. the staff was very cool and made us feel very welcome.. they are a blast too! -- pics are up now.

Happy Birthday to our singer Joe! Send your Birthday wishes to him and after that pick up a copy of our new CD MONSTER INSIDE @ Disc Junkie in Sharon PA, at a gig, OR now ONLINE with a PayPal Account!






Holy Heck! What a party @ The DrawBar last night! What a way to kick off 2007!  It was by far, our best night there... and thanks for hanging with us 'till close! You jam!  A whole mess of pix are online now.

 Also, our original guestbook went south, so we put a new (and improved) guestbook in place. So please, say hello!  We love to hear from ya' on MySpace, but we'd like to know you're still here too :)    

Next Stop: Our 1st gig @ O'Donold's in Austintown, Oh!


Another date for a second CD Release Party has been confirmed for March 10th at Drunken Jacks' in Boardman!

  We will return to The Drawbar in Hadley, Pa. JAN. 13th for our 1st show of 2007! We have a bunch of new material for ya'. We're recharged and ready to rock after the holiday break! Hope to see you all there!



This is what we have been talking about for over a year now..... and it's finally becoming a reality.  Our new full length CD MONSTER INSIDE has been sent for duplication and will be for sale at the end of this month!

THE FIRST MONSTER INSIDE CD RELEASE PARTY WILL BE AT HARRY'S IN SHARPSVILLE, PA. ON SAT. FEB.10TH . (We might even have a special something for the 1st copies sold) So mark your calendars and get there early to celebrate with us!!

Where to buy it: The CD will be available at all of our shows starting in February, select local stores (locations will be announced soon), and of course, online. We will make you aware of all the details as soon as we get them!   We wanna' make sure everyone picks up a copy, because we think you're really gonna' dig it!


There's no better way to close out the 2006 gig schedule then playing a Christmas Party @ Leon's!  WOW!  What a time..... and the Holiday Spirits were a'flowin'!!  Lotsa' fun.. lotsa' laughs....   You can see the first gallery of pics here.

A big THANK YOU to everyone that supported us throughout the year... we really couldn't do this without you... (and NO WAY would it be this much fun!)  We are taking a little time off over the holidays until mid January, but we will be submitting our new CD for reproduction this week... with an official release in February.   See, we weren't B.S.'n  you here... We actually HAVE a CD and write songs!   :)   We know it's been a long time in the making.... but we wanted to get it right... We couldn't be more excited about it, and can't wait for all you to hear it!   Love ya' guys!

Have a Safe and HAPPY Holiday Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



The Last show of the year is this Friday Dec 22nd At Leon's!  Start the Holidays the right way with a Sonic Age Christmas Party!  Pick up some Sonic Age Gear for those last minute Xmas gifts at the gig too!  Check out the YEAR IN REVIEW 2006 Blog Entry...  a lot has happened for us this year.... what a wild ride it's been and we've made some great friends and some crazy memories.. (and not to mention the BOATLOADS of pics!)  The CD will be sent out for duplication right after Christmas, and will be available for sale at our gigs in January!  Today, we also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Valorie! (so when you see here at the show this Friday wish her a Happy Birthday)     :)


We just finished up the photo session for the CD. Special thanks to Rudy for taking some great pics for us.


2007 dates are now posted!  Also, the pics from our show at Avalon Gardens are now up - go to the pics section and check them out. Very Special thanks to CRAZY UNCLE JOHN for opening the night with a great acoustic set! Everyone loved it!


Sonic Age temporary Tattoos now available at shows! 

Pick some up this Saturday @ Avalon Gardens along with a Sonic Age T-Shirt!

 We will have a special guest with us for Avalon Gardens....the acoustic stylings of "CRAZY UNCLE JOHN"!

See ya Saturday - Gobble Gobble... or something....


PARTY WITH US TONIGHT @ THE GRISTMILL (Racoon Rd - Austintown, Oh)...  Happy Turkey Day to everyone!


Check out the new Leon's pics! (Happy Birthday to Brenda, George and Stacy)


Another AWESOME gig at Leon's is in the history books!  Look for pics soon as well as the Fans of the Month for November.


DrawBar pics are up!

(the night of Jeffery: the angry drunken rubber spider)


Hi everyone - Just a few things here for our '"weekly update".... 1st off, we wanted to say sorry for the mixup on the performance schedule at Knockouts. The PA system was only hired for a specific amount of time... We know a lot of ya came out to see us and we were already done for the evening... wish we coulda' played longer...but we wanna' make it up to ya' this weekend: Nov 18th at Leon's!  You know it's ALWAYS a wild time at Leon's and this Saturday will be no exception! So we hope to see ya there! Also, this past Saturday was a great time at the Drawbar.. we caught up with a lot of folks we haven't seen in a while...pics will be up soon!


Happy Birthday to our guitarist Mike!



Hey ya'all! Got some news here for ya! 1st off: Here's the pics from the Knockout's gig!  It was an awesome time so make sure you check those out! Secondly, our November 18th gig at Jacob's was moved due to a double booking... but that's ok cuz we will be at Leon's instead! Some come out and Party with us Nov. 18th back @ Leon's!   Finally, we return to the DrawBar in Greenville this Saturday Nov. 11th after a long hiatus from playing there..  we are looking forward to it!


The Knockouts gig was great!!!  They really went out of their way to make us feel at home to celebrate our first gig as the Official Party Band for Y-103! The staff is top notch! The bartenders/waitresses are sweethearts too! (not to mention very easy on the eyes!... wow!) We want to thank everyone involved at Y-103 and Knockouts for such a successful evening!  Pics will be posted soon.... and remember to check the BLOG for more comments on the show!


For anyone wondering, the Knockout's show is private until 10pm, at that time the doors open to the public. We are not sure if it is 18 and over or not, but stop on out and tell them you are there to see Sonic Age! [there is no cover charge!]

Sport your Sonic Gear as well, show your support! Thank you to all who have asked about the show, it will be HUGE!

Hope to see you there!




Harry's Halloween Party was CRAZY!  An unreal amount of people were in both parts of the bar all night long... and we kept seeing more and more new costumes coming in too. It was just an endless line of people moving in and out... what an incredible evening.....everyone was in the mood to party Halloween style!  You ladies sure have some 'creative' outfits.... too bad Halloween is only once a year! .....yyaaoooww!!   Ok, now it's time to try to rest....


Halloween Party @ Harry's in Sharpsville tomorrow night! Prizes, giveaways and games - plus your favorite dance rock from the most energetic band in the valley!  Forget your other plans... and get out to Harry's Saturday Night..this is a Halloween Bash you don't wanna miss!


Papa Louie's pics are now up!


Hey yyyooouu guuyysss!!! :)  Last night was a great time @ Papa Louie's. From the minute we got there, the staff made us feel right at home again.... we haven't been there since the big St Pat's Day party, and it was good to be back in one of the 1st bars that we played in [back in the day]. We saw a lot of surprise faces [especially some from last week's gig], and we made a lot of brand new friends that we hope to see a lot more of in the future! (Heck, we even had some people from California in the crowd!)  Pics will be up soon!  In other news: let's get geared up for next week @ Harry's! It's gonna be a Big Halloween Party.. so get your costume ready!  The Merch section has been revised a bit, with a new menu so you can check out all the people showing off their SonicAge Merch!


October 14th Icehouse pics up now!


Hey all! We are back at Papa Louie's Motocross Cafe' this Saturday Oct 21st. We haven't been there since our huge St. Patty's Day party...So we can't wait to be back there, and we hope ya' can show up and spend your Saturday night with us!  Also, We are getting REALLY jazzed up about our Halloween gig at Harry's on Oct 28th and the Y-103 [3] Way Getaway at Knockouts in Niles! We will be one of the first bands to play there since they have opened, and we plan on breakin' the place in... SonicAge style!  Remember that because this is a special gig, the doors to the general public don't open until 10pm. In other news, the CD is in the final stages of mixdown, and we think we have settled on a title... As it stands right now, we are still on schedule to release it by the end of the year!


Met some more new faces at the Icehouse again last night. It was another fun evening! {with pics on the way}. We also have some brand new Sonic Gear in the SWAG section. So Check it out and pick some up at our next gig!


New pics up now!  So make sure ya check them out.


Good food and good times at Avalon Gardens!


Both galleries are up from our Meek's gig! - Check them out on our pics page.


Great show @ Meek's last night! We saw some folks from last week's gig as well as a lot of friends from Meek's that we haven't seen in a long time.....  You always know how to party! Pics will be up soon, as well as some Fans of the Month for September.  In other news, we are going to finish up recording a few last things on the CD this week, and then the mixing begins...  we are so excited about this, and can't wait for you to hear it!  We are still planning a release date  at the end of '06 (or as close as we can get)!

Next week we return for our 2nd gig @ Avalon Gardens!


BIG NEWS! We have been holding back the announcement on this for months, until we were certain of all the details.... but now the cat is outta' the bag (you may have already heard the ad on Y-103). We will be playing at Knockouts (formerly Great American Steak Out / Tin Pan Alley) on the strip in Niles, OH. on November 3rd for the Y103 3-Way Getaway Show!  Listen to Y-103 or hit Y-103.com for all the details!

Gallery 2 is up from Harry's!  &  Don't forget Gallery 1!


Holy Party Batman! Another Crazy show @ Harry's - This one even more intense than the last...  We saw a lot of familiar faces, and met some new ones!  Gallery 1 up now!


When Sonic Age plays a show, we don't treat it as just another gig at another club, we treat it as a big EVENT. [A party where you're all invited!] This Saturday at Harry's is no exception! We blew the roof off the place last time, so let's do it again! [ya see, the plan is for you to have a great time on saturday and talk about it at work on monday!] :)  We have a few more songs added to the list, and if ya' ask Joe nicely we might even do a new original!   So come on down Saturday and party with us to all of your favorite dance rock.... Tell your friends, the only place to be in Sharpsville this Saturday is Harry's - Show is from 9:00 to 1:00 ....and No Cover Charge! --- and as always, thank you to everyone for your support! We can't do this without all of you!


Pics from Leon's are up!  Also, check out the SWAG link for the new BRANDED and BARTENDER galleries! For all our friends on MYSPACE, add one of our songs to your profile! It will  be a good warm-up for the CD that will be finished soon!  Lastly, Remember what today is, and hug the ones ya' love.  Peace!


Happy Anniversary to our guitarist Mike and his wife Laura! -- In other news: She will be receiving a Sonic Achievement award for putting up with him all these years.  :)

Another awesome night @ Leon's is in the history books! Once again a fun filled evening packed with lovely ladies partying it up on the dance floor [and a lot of them with Sonic Age shirts on, which was pretty cool!]  We've got a truck-load of pics to put up... we will let you know when they are online (maybe by Sunday night, so keep checking back). Talk to ya' party animals again ASAP!


Pics are up from our gig @ Crest Lanes - Check 'em out.


Yo everyone! Hope you are having a good holiday! Check out our 2 new video clips on MySpace! More to come soon.


NEW BLOG ENTRY - check it out!


2 shows, in 2 states, in the same day! Yeah, we're tired!  We had a lot of fun though! Very special thanks to Joe Cusick and everyone at The Cusick Music Festival for really making us feel welcome... It was great to see so many friends we haven't seen in a while, and we were glad to see the weather finally starting to cooperate! We wish we could have stayed a lot longer when we were done, but we were off to our evening gig in Ohio. More on that show shortly, along w/ pics.  See ya soon.


Howdy ya'all! This past weekend has been a pretty busy one for us.... 1st off: on Saturday we had a wild night at the Icehouse! As always, it was a fun night of partyin'! Some of you ladies (and you KNOW who you are!), got CRAZY! (but we won't publish THOSE photos... well at least for a small fee we won't!)... hehehehe.. then after recovering from Saturday, we went into the studio on Sunday (that's right, we're dedicated!), to record 5 more songs for the upcoming CD. Man, we are jazzed about this disc, and we can't wait for you guys to hear it. (Hopefully we will have it out by the end of the year). This weekend is another busy one for us, as we have 2 gigs on Saturday August 19th..  only one of the gigs is a public event.. the 2nd Annual Cusick Music Festival - a lot of good music and great bands, and we go on at 2 pm.  We also wanted to give a SHOUT OUT to our new friends on our MySpace account! (It's the coolest thing to be listed as someone's favorite band!)  Thanks so much! 



Last night @ Harry's was 'OFF THE CHAIN'! - in other words, it freakin rocked!  What a great time we had with everyone.... [It was probably the loudest indoor crowd we have ever played for] - absolutely awesome! The Fans of the Month for July will be posted this week, so keep checkin' back.

 PICTURE GALLERY 1 2 and 3 are now up! This has to be the BIGGEST picture gallery we have ever had to date! Special thanks to everyone who was snappin' away!   So sit down with the beverage of your choice, and enjoy!  



Listen to Mike on the Y-103 Morning Show!






We are now the "Official Party Band" for Y-103!

We are SO excited about this opportunity to work with such a great station, and we are looking forward to everything that the future holds with this partnership!



Welp, just got back from Leon's..... and all we gotta' say is HOLY SHIZNIT Batman! Tonight was off the freakin' hook!  This one easily topped our last gig there, [and that one freakin' rocked!]  Let's see.... We had a full Wedding Party complete with Bride and Groom, a Bachelorette Party gettin' crazy, a LINE of people headin' for the dance floor that you just had to see to believe, & girls dancin' on stage and on top of the bar Coyote Ugly style! It was just a freakin' awesome time... not to mention the beautiful bartenders (Shauna and Lorie), and some other sharp lookin' ladies sportin' some Sonic Gear!  Thanks for wearing us out tonight Leon's! Yaaaooooww!!!  Check out the Pics - and maybe sign the guestbook to say hello!   Ok... now we can sleep... Peace.



After this weekend, we are going to take a couple weekends off to work on some more of your favorite dance rock songs... and to work on more originals for our CD.  We are planning to do more studio work in August.  When it's done, we think you're gonna dig it!


Hope to see ya tomorrow night.


Once again, a crazy night at Meek's is in the books. Fans of the Month for June have been posted so check 'em out.


New photos are up from the past few gigs so hit the pics section and check 'em out!   Special thanks to everyone who contributed pictures from the 1st Book Benefit. We'll see you party animals at Meek's in Greenville this Friday! (6-30)  Get ready... cuz it could be a crazy night!


Playin' some music, chowin' down on some grub, drinkin' some beer, and even signing some autographs like rock stars.... it makes for a memorable evening, all while helping out a good cause like 1ST BOOK for kids.  Pics will be up soon.


We had a lot of fun at Avalon Gardens last night... we will be back there in the fall. Just wanted to say Thank You to the managment and staff for being super cool and really making us feel welcome at our first gig there.




This weekend just jammed... We spoke to some Buffalo Wild Wings folks after our Party on the Plaza gig.. they actually ran out of beer outside when they called Last Call!  They said it was the biggest crowd they have had yet (at least 900+ partiers if I had to guess)... and we were very fortunate to be a part of it!  We talked to a lot of cool people that night, and we just had a blast...  (especially with some folks from Avalon Gardens!)  We have pictures up right now, and we will have some video clips up soon.... But the pics and the videos just don't compare to being there in person.

 Then the following night at Victory Lane, we got to see some good friends from the Psycho Cafe days - extremely cool re-live old times..  Pics will be up ASAP.

That's all for now - gotta' rest up this week for another big weekend ahead...  Our 1st gig @ Avalon Gardens on Friday and the 1ST BOOK Benefit at The Cellar with BLUSH on Saturday.


The Party on the Plaza was gig was off the hook! What a FREAKIN BLAST!  What a great way to celebrate TGIF day!  Check out the pics!  -There were some sweet lookin' bikes there too, as well as the Owner of Milwaukee Iron, Randy Simpson, with his Karn Evil Chopper!  (By the way, thanks for the Beer!)

(unfortunately we forgot to get a picture with him)



Finally got our MySpace account up and running so check it out!  We've had it for a while now but we're finally getting some content on there... so please add us a friend and spread the word about SonicAge!


We are gearing up for the big gig tomorrow night - PARTY ON THE PLAZA - Downtown Ytown - we go on at 10 - Hope to see ya there!


We will be featured again on LEFT OF CENTER TV this Sunday June 11th on FOX 17/62 @ 11:30 AM. They will be re-airing our interview and performance from last October. So make sure ya’ tune and check it out!




Also, we are at Without A Paddle for the 1st time tomorrow night for Bike Night! Hope to see ya there!


Don't forget to check the occasional Blog entries from the band members.


A new gig has been posted.  We will be at Avalon Gardens in Youngstown on June 23rd.



Fans for May are posted as well as some pics from our gig at Jacob's.


We are offering shirts, hats, and other cool stuff at our gigs from the SHOW GEAR collection. So check it out and pick some up at our next gig... [and everything is only $5.00 each]!  ....and remember to also check out GOTSONIC.COM for custom Sonic Age swag!


A TRUCKLOAD OF PICS are now online for your viewing pleasure!  Grab a beer, sit down......and check it out!


WE HAD A FREAKIN' BLAST @ LEON'S LAST NIGHT! It was great to be back and you people kicked butt!!  PICS COMING VERY SOON SO KEEP CHECKIN' BACK!  Remember to sign the guestbook and say hello :)


We had a kick ass time at The Cove last Friday. 

(Joe's BLOG entry)

We look forward to being up there again soon! 

Next Stop: the return to Leon's on May 13th!


This Just in!  Well we thought we were on a break 'till Leon's but another cool gig came up and we took it! We will be playing at The Cove (Geneva-on-the-Lake) this Friday Night April 28th from 12:30 to 2:30... There will also be other bands there (the night starts at 7:30).

  It should be a fun night!


(Check out the new SonicAge BLOG!)


Howdy ya'all.... Finally some nice weather! That Freakin' Jams don't it!?... Anywayz, we are takin' a lil' break 'till our gig at Leon's in May, but that doesn't mean we won't be busy guys.  We are in the process of adding more rockin' material to our set list, and doing more work on our own music for a full length CD that we hope to release by the end of the year. As far as the covers go, If you have a song you'd like to hear, please let us know! 


Another year older, but wiser? Nah.....Anyway, make out your blank checks to The Big Shaboda  :)


Last night at the Icehouse was just insane (a hoppin' good time even!) PICS HERE! - here's the FOTM for April. You people came ready to party and we loved it!   The band wanted to thank everyone on the SonicAge Crew that prepared the Easter giveaways; especially Laura, Amy, and Michelle.... and thanks to Carie and Clem for taking some pics for us! We had some 'crazy' games going on during the break and a birthday in the house too!   Bottom line is, it was a fun filled night and a great time had by all.  :) 

Happy Birthday Marsha!


Whazzup Peeps?! BIG NEWS coming soon! So stay tuned ya'all!  We are gearing up for this weekend at The Icehouse....we will have a TON of giveaways, and some games and surprises for the girls as always! Hope to see ya there! Also, the latest pics are up from The DrawBar, and we have added another new show date for the summer..

Mark your calendars for:

 Friday, June 16th - Party on the Plaza


Spring is here!... and so are some new pics! 

 St. Patty's Day (PART 2) and Meek's!

So make sure you check 'em out! 

Next Stop - The DrawBar! 



HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!  This also marks another year of Scientology 'under his belt'!   :)  YYAAAOOWWW!!!



Boatloads of pics from our crazy St. Patty's Party are coming soon, so keep checking in!

 More gigs booked...Dates will be posted soon!

   Next Stop: Meek's on 3/24.


Insane party @ Papa Louie's for St. Patty's Day - PART 1 of THE PICS ARE HERE.



SonicAge leaves it's mark at Jacob's this past weekend - Pice Here!

... and get ready for the Big St Patty's Day Blow Out @ Papa Louie's this Friday!  Good Music, Beer, and Cabbage Bowling... what more could ya want!?!


We just got the1st mix from the new batch of songs today...  and they JAM!   We are really excited about it because we think you'll dig them too!   Also, we are heading out to Jacob's Gable Inn this weekend, and then onto the BIG ST PATTY'S DAY PARTY at Papa Louie's on March 17th!  We got a few new songs in the set list too.... hope to see ya out!

Peace and Humptiness ya'all!


As always, a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us at the Icehouse this past Saturday. 

 FOTM for Feb. 06


Hey everyone... just got back from recording 4 songs for the new cd. They sound great and we can't wait for ya' to hear 'em. - Next stop is The Icehouse this Saturday - Hope to see ya there..



Pics from our Meek's Steelers Party are here.


This Friday @ Meek's - Bring Your Black and Gold!  Support the Steelers (and Mike's Hard Lemonade!)



New DrawBar pics HERE.


Thanks to everyone who came out to see our first gig of 2006 at The Icehouse last night!  It was fun to get back up on the stage again after the holiday break.  FOTM for January now posted!


Happy New Year ya'all   Hope to see ya' at the Icehouse on Jan. 14th to kick off  the start of our always growing, never boring, 2006 calendar.  :)


Hi all!  We had a blast at the PennTecq Xmas party this weekend - Thanks so much for having us back the 2nd year in a row! (VIEW PICTURES HERE... and a few more  HERE) -We had even more fun then we did last year!  It was a great way for us to wrap up our dates for this year. Thank You again to everyone for your support throughout 2005.  We will be taking some time over the next few weeks to learn more material for '06 - we hope you're gonna' dig it!  See ya on the flipside.

Some of our 2006 dates have posted -  so mark 'em down.

Merry Christmas to everyone - and Happy New Year.

---  Eric, Mike, Joe, and Steve


It's Alive!    visit our online store: www.gotsonic.com


We just wanna' start out by saying THANK YOU to everyone who braved the weather and stayed with us @ Victory Lane the whole night!  Even when it started to snow like crazy you still were hangin' with us -  [Pics].  What a great way to end 2005....  Just kickin' ass!  As you know we have a private Xmas party this week, and then we are off for the holidays until January 14th.  We have a lot in store for 2006. A lot of new material and new venues.  Talk to ya soon people.


Pics are up from the last 3 shows.  We had a blast! Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came out to see us on our Gobble Gobble 2005 mini tour :)   We return to Victory Lanes Lounge in Champion, Oh. for our last public appearance of 2005... Then we have a Christmas Party to jam out.... we will take a few weeks off for the holidays so we can work up some brand new material for ya', as well as original material for recording (which we hope to start in early 2006).  In other news, GOTSONIC.COM will be going live very soon with all kinds of cool shiznit! (as Mike would say)... so check it out and pick up something with the Sonic Age name on it. Who knows?... it could very well be your next family heirloom.


Happy Turkey Day everyone!   2 Big shows comin' your way!   Wild Turkey Night at The DrawBar and Saturday at The Icehouse Inn.  See you Pilgrims soon!


Pics are up from Saturday. Thanks to everyone who came out - especially the Roth Bros crowd who made it an extra wild night.


Our 1st show at Salty Grog's was last night - and what a great time... you really know how to Fight For Your Right to Party! (Ok, that was cheesy). Also, our Guitarist Mike is celebrating his birthday on Monday, so send him your b-day greetings. We don't know exactly how old he is... it seems to be a bit of a mystery. We're gonna cut him open and count his rings to find out though!  See you crazies at Meek's on Friday.


Hey all! Thanks for making last night at Papa Louie's a great time! You guys were in a mood to party and we loved it! Pictures are here as well as the FOTM for November. Also our appearance re-aired on Left of Center on Fox this A.M. Check their website for other air times if you missed it.



GIG UPDATE: We are booked November 26th at The Icehouse! 

 Print this discount flyer! - bring it to the gig and get $1.00 off the cover charge!  Also, New pics are up.  We have had a couple weeks off to work on a few new covers and get some more originals done. We hope to start recording in January. See You Peep's At Papa Louie's on November 5th


Don't Forget to watch LEFT OF CENTER:

11:30am this Sunday (Oct 16th) On FOX 17/62.


Happy Anniversary to Val and Steve!  8 years of rockin and rollin'!   It's hard to believe Val stays with me since I've got such a bad 'rock guy' attitude!  In other news:  If all the world’s a stage, I want better lighting. Absurdity runs rampant in Howland this weekend...  Film at 11:30am this Sunday (Oct 16th) On FOX 17/62.  Special thanks to Left Of Center TV for the opportunity to showcase a brand new original called "Spin"... Which will be on our new CD tentatively entitled "The Jukebox Killers".  See you Peeps @ Meek's this Friday.


Hey all. Just found out that Center Stage in Niles has closed it's doors.. so Halloween and Thanksgiving weekend are obviously cancelled.. but we are in the process of trying to get a Halloween show at another venue  cuz we still wanna have a halloween party with ya - so stay tuned!  Aside from that stuff, we are getting geared up for Leon's this Friday, so let's tear it up people!


Hey ya'all!  Thanks to those who came out to the DrawBar on Saturday. (It was great to see Corey and Carie again partying with us!) New pics are posted. The big show @ Leon's is coming up on Friday!  Left of Center TV will be there to tape some of the show and do an interview with us and we are really jazzed about it. We hope to see you all there!  Also in other news, 2 more gigs for 2005 have been added @ Salty Grog's in Boardman.  (The 2006 calendar is filling up too). 

See you crazies on Friday!


Thanks to Melissa and Kathy for being September's Fans of the Month!  Also, some new pics have been added from the Papa Louie's gig.  See ya' at the Drawbar next Saturday!


Howdy Campers! We hope to see all you party animals at Papa Louie's tomorrow night!



Happy Belated Birthday to Stella! Glad to hear your Dad's surgery went well - tell him Hello and GET WELL SOON from all of us at the SonicAge camp!


We'd like to give a shout out to Pop West (Mike's Father in Law) who is going to have heart surgery. We wish you all the best for a safe operation and fast recovery... we're thinkin' about ya'!

We have started work on a demo cd and have some brand new originals in the works too.. we are planning to do a lot by the end of the year... one of those things include a live show taping and interview by LEFT OF CENTER at the October 7th gig @ Leon's!  So be a part of this and come out to the gig! This show airs on Fox. Check the website for details!!

Peace and Humptiness..


Joe is having minor surgery in early September and we had to reschedule Sept. 17th @ Center Stage to another date in December.  Will keep ya' posted as things develop.  [Thanks to Larry @ Center Stage for being cool about the situation]. See you guys soon!


Happy Birthday to Carol  from us at the Sonic Age camp!   Hope it was a good one - and Joe you better take her out to a nice dinner (and that doesn't mean a MTO Sub at Sheetz!).


Looking for some Sonic Age gear!?!    www.gotsonic.com is coming soon!



SonicAge would like to thank Ohio Wine and Mike's Hard Lemonade for the use of their trucks for our latest group photos!  (pics here).. Also, I know some people have been asking, "HEY! Where's the originals!!?!?" Well, we are working on some new ones... maybe we'll have one for ya for the next gig in September.  Until then - Peace!


We had a blast at the DrawBar this past Saturday.  You guys are super cool and can't wait to see ya' again in Rocktober! [pics here]. The band is taking the rest of August to work on some original material and more covers for the set list. We'll be back to rock yo' ass in September!  There's a lot of exciting stuff going on for us these days so keep checking back!


Pics from Center Stage are up as well as the new fans of the month for August.  Check it out and we'll see ya at the DrawBar this Saturday.  Peace and Humptiness to everyone!



Lots of new gigs posted for the fall!  The schedule is filling up quick and we are jazzed because we wanna' party with you guys as much as possible!  Speaking of a party, remember we'll be at Center Stage Bar and Grill inside the Eastwood Expo Center on July 30th.  Hope to see ya there!


We would like to send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to our good friend Carie who was in a boating accident this past weekend. Our thoughts are with you...get well soon chick!


We had a fun night at Meek's on friday (pics here)....it was more amusing then watching Jani Lane on a VH1 Reality Show!  Coming Up: Our 1st night at Center Stage in Niles, on July 30th - We are lookin' forward to the gig and would love to see you there!


New pics have been added, as well as July's Fans of the Month!  Check out the New Sonic Trivia section too. We'll see ya @ Meek's this Friday!


WOW!!!!!   WHAT A KICK ASS TIME @ LEON'S TONIGHT!   It was such a good time,  we just had to give a quick shout out to everyone and say thanks before trying to catch a lil' sleep!  New pics will be posted ASAP, as well as the Fan of the month for July!  


Hey All! Mike and Steve were at the Burn Off tonight to drink some beer, eat some pork, and check out the Earth Quakers.  We also got to hang with Fast Freddie from NCD 93.3 and catch up  with Larry from the Center Stage Bar and Grill... we will be there on Saturday July 30th, and we are jazzed!!!  This is a great place to party and we hope to see ya there!  ...and don't forget tomorrow night... July 8th at Leon's.



Witness the checkerboard mayhem at our last gig at Victory Lanes!   [More Pics Here].  We are gearing up for our next visit to Leon's on July 8th!  It's gonna' be crazier than Tom Cruise at a Scientology Convention! Hope to see ya there!


SonicAge gets interviewed by The Daily Intruder!click on the link above to read the article!  We had a great time @ Leon's.... Last week's pics are now up in the pics section (thanx Amy)... We will be back there July 8th - we hope to see you there... Also, the Fan of the Month Club has it's first official entry!  We've been hard at work learning a BOATLOAD of new material for ya!  Can't wait to return to Victory Lanes Lounge on the 25th..until then, Peace out!


Pics from last night's gig @ Leon's will be up in a day or so.. we had a great time!... also watch for the 1st entry for the Fan of the Month Club!


We'd like to officially welcome our "new" guitarist, Mike to the band. The 4 of us played together in Psycho Cafe' years ago.. so this should prove to be some fun! We'd also like to thank him for filling the spot on such short notice! You can see the new line up from the My Bar II photos in the PICS section.  A lot of new material is on the way, so hang tight! Also the BIOS section is in the process of being updated.

 After 2 years with the band, Dave, our original guitarist has left the band. We have been through a lot together, and made some great music... we wish him all the best in future projects.


New pics are up from the recent show at My Bar II




New pics from Victory Lane are now up! -  We are gonna take a few weeks off from playing to learn some brand new material for you guys!  We'll see you May 27th @ Meeks!




Please check out the new SonicAge message forum as well as the new pic from the Food of the Month club :)




New pics have been added.... and it's Shaboda's Birthday today!   (If you don't know what to get me - I could always use blank checks!)   :)



Pics from last night at Papa Louie's are now in the pics section.  We are gearing up for April 9th at Chestnut! Hope to see ya there!



Well, we didn't forget the camera this week!  Pics from last night's gig at THE DRAWBAR are in the pictures section!



WOW!! What a party @ Meek's last nite! You guys rock! (sorry we forgot the camera!)  We had a great time and look forward to more shows there...  for now though, we hope to see you @ The Draw Bar on Sat. March 19th!




2 new show dates have been added @ Chestnut Street Cafe in April and May.  Also some cool stuff has been added to the EXTRAS page of the site, along with the SonicAge "Food of the Month" picture!





NEWS 1/17/05

More live dates have been added for 2005!   We have also added a few pictures from our last few shows.  We are currently working on more originals too.. and plan to record a full length cd this year.


2004 Archives


Hey all!   Just wanted to give you a little update.... we've been working hard on some new original material, and it's some pretty cool shit....Here's a list of some working titles for the new tracks:

"Wear me Down"

"Tower Of London"

"Flowers for the Dead"

"Walk All over Me"


"When the Radio's On"


"What Used to Be"

We'll keep ya posted on the progress of the new jams... November and December are gonna' be pretty busy for us... so we hope to see ya at a show!!  

PEACE!! --Shaboda.






BOATLOADS of new pictures listed in the pics section... some very cool... some.... um, sorta' disturbing [haha]. check 'em out!   Special thanks to my good buddy Corey for taking the pictures at Papa Louie's this past Saturday... and I'd also like to say Happy 7th year Anniversary to my lovely wife Valorie... damn baby, you is fine :)   

Next stop: VICTORY LANE LOUNGE on October 30th for the Halloween Bash!!  

Keep it real and talk to ya' people soon!    PEACE!..... Shaboda...


What a great time we had at 804 Tavern last night in Sharon. We hope to play there again soon.....  Also, we are now a part of the East Side Entertainment bandring! (A big thank you to Scott) - it's a great thing you are doing for local bands.. keep it up. - Check out our new band forum located on the East Side Entertainment site.


Sonicage.net is getting a little bit of a face-lift... I got bored so I decided to 'F' around with the site again... Let me know what ya think!  Also, we are in the process of getting some new shows -- One of which will be OCTOBER 1st at 804 Tavern and Restaurant in Sharon, Pa. (804 Sharpsville, Ave). 


SonicAge is now endorsed by Shaboda Guitars!


We had fun at Party on the Plaza... thanks to everyone who came out and suffered with us in the cold....... 


Wow, the past few weeks were crazy!  We have been really busy lately learning new material and preparing for our CD release parties.  We had a blast at both.  Victory Lane was great fun, and Georgia's was jumpin' last night.  We really appreciate the great turn out and support from everyone. Now we are movin' on to JUNE 25th (Party on the Plaza) In Downtown YTOWN.  Hope to see you there! 

Available at:

  DISC JUNKIE (st. street) IN HERMITAGE, PA and  CD WAREHOUSE (224) in Boardman, OH.


A new show has been added so mark your calendars!  Friday June 25th - Party on the Plaza in Downtown Youngstown outside of  BW3's - we are playing 7:00 to 10:00 - hope to see ya there! 


Our 1 year anniversary was in April and we wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported us in our 1st year as SonicAge.  We look forward to all the exciting stuff going on in the coming year! 

Special thanks go to: 

Valorie, Amy and Carol; Three Miles Out, Noisy Toys, Rich Gano, Adam Vasbinder, Chalkline, Buffalo Wild Wings, Directed Technologies Inc., Victory Lane Lounge, Jacks R' Wild, Papa Louie's Motocross Cafe',  Draa's 5 Points Cafe',  Dave Gill @ First Take Video Productions, Thomas John @ Clear Channel, Josh @ MindRocket Studios, Chris Chieffo, .... and of course everyone who supports us at our shows and checks out the website!  Thank you all!

If we missed anyone, it wasn't intentional  :)



 We are really happy with it and want to give big thanks to Josh @ MindRocket Studios for such a great sounding CD.  We had a blast making it and we think you'll dig it.






Available @   DISC JUNKIE (st. street) in HERMITAGE, PA and  CD WAREHOUSE (224) in Boardman, OH.


NEW PICS HAVE BEEN ADDED!  Check 'em out! We have added a few more dates to the schedule.... we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary at Victory Lane Lounge on April 10th so we hope to see everyone there... Also, we are heading into the studio April 3rd to start work on our 1st CD.... we are planning to release it in June.  We will keep ya posted, so come on back now, ya' hear! 


Victory Lane Lounge!  You kick butt! Last night slammed! New Pics are posted now, so check 'em out.  Also we are going into the studio the 1st week of April to record our EP, so we hope to have it out by May or June for you at the shows. Talk to you soon... PEACE!


 OK people! We are gettin' ready to party this coming Saturday, Feb. 14th  for the Valentine's Day Bash @ Victory Lane Lounge in Champion, OH.  We've got a lot of suprises for ya!  It's gonna be a great nite and we hope to see ya there.   Also, we have a gig update for ya:  new show booked for Saturday June 19th @ Georgia City Lights in Hermitage, Pa!  


The show @ Five Points Cafe' last nite kicked our ass!  Thank You!  It was our first time there, and what a great turn out!  Thanx so much to everyone who made it despite all the snow & freezing rain...  you guys are great.   We will be there again on March 20th...hopefully with more shirts... stickers... and um, undergarments :)


Many thanks to everyone who came out and partied with us last week at Victory Lane Lounge and helping us start '04 the right way!  (we will have more shirts soon, I promise).  Tonite is the 1st gig at Draa's 5 Points Cafe' in Sharpsville, PA.   -- so forget about the snow and let's party :)  Also ...  we are planning on having an EP recorded by the summer... the songs are still being worked out.... so stay tuned.  PEACE. 



We'll see you in January at Victory Lane Lounge.

12/07/03:  We have moved domains to SONICAGE.NET!  Also more gigs have been posted.  As well as new band pix in the photos section...  Yeah, we've been busy :) 

11/23/03: Check out the gigs section for all the newest show dates. Also, we are still working on songs for our first CD. We have 3 songs done, plus 3 brand new ones in the works.  We will keep ya' posted.  

10/18/03:  NEW GIGS POSTED!  We will be at Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Youngstown on 10/24 to help kick off YSU's homecoming weekend.... it's gonna be a party - hope to see you there.

9/26/03:  New pics added from the Century Tour!

9/18/03: New live audio of our new original "Shadows and Dust" has been added to the music section.  Check it out.

8/30/03:  we have another 'gig alert'....  

 Thursday, September 25th [5:00 to 8:00] - in Clear Channel Studio's parking lot! 

7/30/03: A video clip of SonicAge performing "Vapor Trails" is now available in the music section.  Check it out!   Also, we will be back at Jacks R' Wild on August 30th... hope to see you there!

6/24/03: [SITE UPDATE]  Welcome to SonicAge Online 2.0!

Gig Update:  We are no longer on the bill for "Lodge Fest" in Burton on July12th.  But the event is still going on so check it out, we just won't be there. :)

New gig Alert!  We're playing Friday June 6th at the Cellar in Struthers.  Rock and RRRROOOLLLLLL!!!

Another new gig posted --- OUR FIRST SHOW IN THE SHENANGO VALLEY!  - Check it out 

New gig posted.............  We're doin' Party On The Plaza  Downtown Youngstown Friday June 13th (5:30 to 7:30) 

We will be playing (2) SonicAge originals at the Newton Falls July 2nd show...

Bios have been added to the "band" link................ 

We have changed our name. Uncle Cupid will now be known as SONIC AGE

Our Debut gig kicked ass - we had a blast - BIG thanx go out to Rudy's Cafe and TMO for having us. 

New gigs have been posted.  check 'em out!

Spring of 2003 - Uncle Cupid is Born....